Remember Way Back When...

Last week, I saw a post on Twitter from CSI: NY star Hill Harper. Someone asked him if he'd ever been on Married with Children. He answered yes, that was one of his first TV gigs. It made me chuckle because I love when I watch old movies and TV shows and see people who are now huge stars in bit roles or in their first movie. George Clooney on Golden Girls, anyone? (It's on the Hallmark Channel, people. The show is still hilarious). Or on The Facts of Life. Or on Sisters before he blew up on ER. It always amused me when people would drool over him because I was like, "That's the guy from Sisters. He's been acting a long time. He didn't get hot overnight."

Another show I've been watching lately is Single Ladies starring Stacey Dash. I always wonder how old her character is supposed to be. I'm guessing early to mid thirties, which is fine because she doesn't look older than that. Except I know she is. Of course, she starred as the teenage Dionne in Clueless in the 90s, but at least ten years before that, she guest starred as a friend of Denise's on The Cosby Show.



My favorite example - In 1987, I saw a movie called Can't Buy Me Love and developed a huge crush on the star of the movie. Over the years, whenever I saw him in something, I would get excited that he was still working. He never blew up, so seeing him wasn't a frequent occurrence. And then about six years ago, I started seeing promos for a little show called Grey's Anatomy. And I thought, "Hey! That looks like Patrick Dempsey." And, of course, it was. He was the reason I decided to watch the show. And he quickly became known as McDreamy. I was happy for his success, but at the same time I was like, "Back off, bitches. I knew him way back when." LOL.

And I can go on. Ryan Reynolds on Nickelodeon's Fifteen, Sarah Michelle Gellar on a little teen soap before All My Children or Buffy, the Black Eyed Peas' Fergie when she was known as Stacey on Kids, Incorporated. The list really does go on, but I'll stop.

Do you remember people from way back when or am I the only one with the crazy memory?