Crazy, Stupid Love. Reviewed

I rarely go to the movies. I guess I just never got in the habit growing up. Movies are definitely the weak spot in my pop culture database.

This is not to say that I don't like movies because I do. I see commercials all the time for movies I'd like to see. I just never do.

Anyway, a friend called Saturday and said she was interested in seeing a movie. My response: How about Crazy, Stupid Love? The trailers made it look funny. It definitely fell in the category of movies I wanted to see, but was too lazy to do. But now I didn't have an excuse not to see it.

Obviously, the big stars of the movie are Steve Carell, Julianne Moore, Ryan Gosling, and Emma Stone with Kevin Bacon and Marissa Tomei and a small dose of Josh Groban adding to the hilarity. And they're all great.

Carell plays Cal and Moore plays Emily, his wife. The movie begins with Emily telling Cal she slept with a co-worker and wants a divorce. That doesn't sound funny, but it is! His physical response to the news had me giggling out loud.

But this movie isn't just about the adults.

Cal and Emily's son, Robbie and his babysitter, played by America's Next Top Model's Analeigh Tipton, also have substantial parts and probably have even more screen time than Emma Stone. Their storyline is funny, sweet and a little (hilariously) uncomfortable.

Actually, the whole movie is funny and sweet and a little (hilariously) uncomfortable. Gosling plays a womanizer, who takes Cal under his wing. While Cal goes along with the plan, he never really forgets his wife, and she doesn't forget him.

I really enjoyed the little comedic surprises that popped up throughout the movie. Every time I was like, "Oh that was funny! I didn't expect that to happen."

And, as an extra bonus, the music used was cool, too.

In short: I loved Crazy, Stupid Love. It was definitely worth me breaking my "don't get off the couch" way of living.

P.S.  Gosling's character has a move that he uses on the ladies. Yeah, it would have totally worked on me. lol. :)