Rooting for a Conference? Yeah, I Don't Get It

Hey kids, it's Hater's Week on the blog. I'll be expressing my displeasure about something different each day. Today, it's SEC day.

There's no denying the fact that SEC is the dominant force in college football. Five straight BCS Championships makes arguing that point silly.

Nevertheless, I don't like it. I don't like it because I can only imagine what other schools could do if they cheated as much as SEC schools, but really, that's not the point of this post. Actually, it is, but the NCAA isn't going to do anything to stop it, so why even mention it?

I really hate it because of the fans. Fans who like to chant "S-E-C" at games. Fans who high five each other because their schools are in the same conference.


I attended Northwestern University and the University of Texas at Austin, so my roots run deep in the Big 10 (Plus 2) and the Big 12 (Minus 2).

Would I think differently had I attended a SEC school? Doubtful. My brain doesn't work that way. I went to Northwestern. I don't give a rat's behind what Ohio State does. To be perfectly honest, I'd be happy if OSU or Oklahoma  fell on their collective behinds every time they stepped on the field or the court.

The author of this article claims that's it's the last, politically correct way to root for the South. I don't completely agree, but I also don't doubt that there's some truth to it. But again, I say, "Gross." And dumb.

Last time I checked, the South lost the Civil War. You know the war southern states fought because they thought they should be allowed to own people. Yeah, let's celebrate that.

Oh, I can hear it now. It's not about owning people. It's about culture and blah blah blah.

But guess what? No one is trying to take your culture away from you. Florida and Lousiana are still going to be here, regardless of whether or not Florida fans and LSU fans cheer for each other.

Sorry, Alabama, I don't think more highly of you because Auburn won a national championship. And you shouldn't either.

Actually, I'm not sorry for expressing that sentiment at all. It's the truth.