My Hopes for the World Series

About a year ago, the Texas Rangers got to the World Series. Yes, the Texas Rangers. The baseball team. From Texas. It was unexpected and amazing. Forget World Series. Until last year, the Rangers were the only Major League Baseball team to never win a postseason series. Seriously.

They'd lost nine straight playoff games all in the 90s. So last year was magical.

Unfortunately, they lost in 5 games. Which sucked big time.

But I couldn't be too disappointed. They'd taken me on the most totally unexpected ride of my sports fan life.


I also said that it was a one-year pass. If the Rangers were fortunate enough to get back there, they'd better not pull that bullsh*t of not hitting and being competitive. I wouldn't be so forgiving if they did.

And here we are. The Rangers are back in the World Series. It wasn't a fluke.

A year later, I'm a little older and (hopefully) a lot wiser. I'm not going to underestimate the St. Louis Cardinals like I did the San Francisco Giants last year.

My hope is that the Rangers are in "finish" mode this year - that they're not still basking in the glow of making it to baseball's promise land like they were last year, that they're not overwhelmed by the moment.

My hope is that they hit this year unlike last year.

My hope is that they showcase all they can be in all facets of the game - hitting, defense, and pitching. They have the potential to be great in all three areas. Now's the time to show it.

My hope is that they beat the St. Louis Cardinals to a bloody pulp. :)

Ultimately, my hope is that they win and bring the first World Series title to the state of Texas (take that, Houston - lol).

The World Series starts tonight. I can't wait.