Pink: A Sorta Kinda Review

Last Friday, I saw Pink in concert. I was beyond excited. In 2010, on my old blog, I wrote about how upset I was in 2009 that I couldn't see Pink or Kelly Clarkson in concert because I was unemployed and broke. But three and half years make a difference, and I'm in a much better financial position, so I was able to shell out the money to see Pink, who I've been a fan of since her first CD way back when.

Here are some random thoughts...

pink 2.22.13 031 (2)

1. Her abs are ridiculous. Actually, she's in amazing shape period. But her abs...OMG. I was sitting close enough to the stage that I could make out the delineation with my eyes and didn't need the screen to point it out.

pink 2.22.13 030 (2)

As the above picture shows, when she came over to my side of the stage, I was close enough to touch her, but I thought that would be kinda creepy, so I didn't. Instead, I did my best to blind her with the flash of my camera. Good Times.

pink 2.22.13 004 (2) pink 2.22.13 005 (2) pink 2.22.13 019 (2)pink 2.22.13 020 (2)

2. She did A LOT of acrobatics during the show, but I was like, "I've seen this before." In my head, she'd done a lot of this in the 2009 concert, so it wasn't fresh. Been there, done that. However, as luck would have it, Palladia (a TV show I adore and blogged about) aired that 2009 concert Saturday, so I was able to compare. Woo hoo! She did a little bit of flying back then, but she amped it up big time this time around. I guess she was testing the waters back then. I saw her do the acrobatic stuff on a couple of award shows and wrongly assumed that was her old show, but it wasn't.

So I was being a little harder than I should have been. Acrobatic, flying around stuff was supercool while singing and sounding great at the same time. Thumbs up!

3. I laughed in the middle of the show when they played a video about how she won a talent contest when she was 13 and released her first CD in 2000 back when she was pop/R&B Pink instead of the pop/Rock Pink we all know and love today. It was a big flashing light that "these next songs are going to be weird and different from my recent stuff." She performed a melody of the singles from that CD, including "There You Go." I was obsessed with this song when I was in college. I don't know why, but I was.

I was glad she did them, especially when I watched the 2009 tour and she did not.

4. I don't like looking up setlists before going to shows. I like it to be a surprise. Which is why as the concert neared its end, I kept thinking, "Surely she's not going to do this concert and not perform True Love, my favorite song on her latest CD."

But that's exactly what she did. I never even contemplated that she wouldn't do the song because she's performed it before. She did it during her VH-1 Storytellers (which I saw on Palladia - told ya I love that channel!). I was going to link to a Youtube video of the video, but it appears not to exist - lol. Luckily, I found the entire Storytellers episode on VH1's website. I thought it was a really good episode and highly recommend it. It was way better than someone else's episode. I won't names, but she felt the need to go into character for each song. *cue eyeroll*

Anyway, back to the point. Here's the video of True Love if you don't want to watch the entire episode for some crazy, ridiculous reason. I love this song because it's sweet and funny and true. So upset she didn't do it during the concert.

Oh, wait. She did show a video at the end of the concert of some behind the scenes stuff that used True Love as the background music, but that didn't count! If I wanted to hear a recorded version of the song, I could have popped in my CD.

Overall thoughts - Pink put on a fun, funny, sometimes risque, entertaining show. She sounded great. It's always fun to be in the company of thousands who enjoy the same thing you do. Glad I went. Thumbs up.

Up next: Kelly Clarkson this Friday. Can't wait.