Jam of the Week: In Memoriam

Earlier this week, I  heard Michael Jackson's Smooth Criminal on Pandora. Because I was at work, I couldn't turn the volume up to 100 and sing along out loud, but I wanted to. It has long been my favorite MJ song, and I knew immediately that it would be Jam of the Week. What I didn't realize until this morning while listening to the radio is that tomorrow, June 25, is the anniversary (is that the right word) of Michael's death, so it made my selection even more appropriate.

I've loved Smooth Criminal since I was a kid. When I was in elementary school, someone made the bright decision that the gym floors needed to be redone (varnished? Is that the right word?). Looking back, I'm confused about why they didn't do this over summer break, but whatever. They redid the floors, which meant we couldn't go in there. But we still needed to have P.E., so they made us go into the school auditorium, where the gym teacher made us watch Moonwalker over and over again. Why that movie? No idea. I do know it freaked me out. It's so weird.

Except the Smooth Criminal part. That I loved and still do. It just makes me happy to hear it. It's my jam.

Here's the superlong movie version of the video. I like this version better than the shorter radio edit video because you  can actually see what's going on.

R.I.P., Michael.