Quick Thoughts on Whitney

It's been over a week since Whitney Houston passed away. I was sad then. I'm  sad more. I've been listening to her music and dancing and singing along. It makes me sad, nostalgic, and happy.Man, what a voice!

Two Whitney memories stand out for me.

1. When I was in high school, more than once we broke out singing "The Greatest Love of All" on the bus. Mind you, that song was 10 years old at that point.

2. When The Bodyguard came out, I went to see it with my mom and other family members. Up until that point, I hadn't liked "I Will Always Love You." It hadn't spoken to me or maybe I needed my ears cleared. Who knows what I was thinking? But I'll tell you as the movie ended and the credits started rolling and the song started playing, there I was belting the song out in the middle of the theater. Yeah, I've been a fan of the song ever since.

Whitney, I'll miss you. May you find the peace in heaven that seemed to allude you here on Earth.