Dallas: Back to the Future

Last year, when I heard that TNT was rebooting the iconic TV series, Dallas, I got excited. Although I don't remember a lot of details, I do remember watching it when I was a kid. I always love a good soap opera. And I'm from Dallas. I finally got to watch it, and I wasn't disappointed. I squeed a little at the opening montage with the familiar theme song and the even more familiar city landmarks. The show itself more than lived up to its promise of soapy goodness. I'll definitely be watching again.


And yet...the show is called Dallas. It's not called Rich People Backstabbing Each Other. Although that would be an apropos title, as well. So because it is called Dallas, the city is another character that is showcased. I appreciated that the producers want the show to be as authentic as possible. If for no other reason, shooting here puts money into the local economy yada yada yada.

But I did scratch my head a few times, notably in a few scenes with John Ross, JR's son. John Ross had a few clandestine meetings, one in the middle of Cowboys Stadium. Yeah, that's not the place I'd have a clandestine meeting. Maybe in the parking lot, but they're not just going to waltz on to the field. The stadium isn't open to any old body, not even the filthy rich. And if you do want to go in, someone is going to ask why.

The second secret meeting took place on some tram thing, and I was really confused. I was thinking that they must have shot that scene in LA, and then I saw the ferris wheel in the background, and I knew where they were - the fairgrounds. But the fair is only here for a month. Maybe the tram is in use other times, but I doubt it. The fairgrounds probably are a good clandestine meeting place, but the tram? Um, OK.

Now, I'm sure I only noticed these things because I'm a Dallasite, and that if the show took place elsewhere, I never would have noticed the odd location choices.

But I chuckled. And scratched my head.

I can't wait for the next episode and see what other local hotspots I notice.