Friday Jams: Extraordinary Love

Welcome to Friday Jams!

For all of my books, I create a playlist. Every Friday, I want to highlight one of those songs and tell you why it made it on the playlist.

When I was writing the below scene in SLAMDUNKED BY LOVE, I needed a word for "terrific." I threw around a bunch of words like "fantastic" and "amazing" but they weren't good enough. All of a sudden, "extraordinary" popped out. As soon as it did, I heard Stacy Barthe singing "extraordinary looove" in my head and I knew it was the perfect word. The only word that would work.


He drew away slowly. If she thought about it long enough, she’d be embarrassed that it was she who clung to him, but her mind and senses were too rattled.

“What was that about?” she asked, unwilling to say good-bye to him. Needing to hear him say he was as affected by the kiss as she was.

“I wanted to know what it was like to kiss you just for us, no one else,” he said, confirming her earlier thoughts.

“You were testing a theory?”

“A theory I’ve wondered about way too much.”

“And?” she couldn’t help but ask.

“Ten times better than I remembered. And you? What did you think?”

“It was…” Fantastic. Remarkable. “Good.”

“Good? I can do better than that.” He cupped her nape, sliding his hand into her hair and tugging her head back. She did nothing to stop him. The look in his eye told her he had one goal—to seduce.

He went to work, not in any hurry, teasing her. A slow slide of his lips against her. A small tug on her bottom lip, encouraging her to open up and let him. She did. His tongue swept inside, causing hers to chase his. Their tongues tangled in a slow, perfectly choreographed dance. Degree by degree he took the kiss deeper, drawing her into his web of lust and desire.

Even more so when his hands joined in the action, finding their way inside her dress after finding the zipper on the side. He pushed aside her bra and cupped her breast. He murmured in approval when her nipple tightened against his palm. Squeezed harder. She gasped at the arrow of heat that landed between her legs. Her chest heaved when he drew away.

“How was that?” His voice, so deep, so enthralling, came out husky, like he too felt their insane chemistry which only got more potent each time they touched.

He’d set out to seduce. Had he succeeded? Hell, yeah. “That was…” Her eyes fluttered open. “Extraordinary.”