Jam of the Week

Marsha Ambrosius' Late Nights, Early Mornings

For the past couple of months, I've been listening to Marsha Ambrosius' CD Late Nights, Early Mornings nonstop, so I thought it more than appropriate to feature one of the songs on the CD as the Jam of the Week. The only problem is there's more than one worthy candidate.

I finally settled on Late Nights, Early Mornings because it is very appropriate to my budding career as a romance writer. The song is very sexy as are my books. These are the feelings I try to convey when I write. The song definitely sets the mood. :)

The video also has a much appreciated safe sex message. My characters always practice safe sex and I don't appreciate it when it's not addressed in some manner in other contemporary novels.

And yeah, most importantly, I just love the song. I hope you do, too!

P. S. Oh, oh, oh! How could I forget the most important part of the video?!! The hot guy! His name is George Something or Other. He's a football player. A HOT football player. I've almost cast him as my hero a few times, but he hasn't been quite right. I'm thinking it's time that he is right. I mean, how could he ever be wrong?