Jam of the Week...Drums, Please

I had such an easy time picking out this week's Jam of the Week. I love when that happens. If all goes according to plan, today will be the 21st STRAIGHT day of 100 degree weather. In other words, it's a typical summer in Dallas/Fort Worth, which makes this week's Jam of the Week totally appropriate.

Summertime by DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

I love this song. The memories it conjures up of being a kid, just having fun hanging out, playing outside or running when you heard the ice cream truck coming down the street and NOT having to go to school are priceless. Those were the days.

The song has a cool groove that you can't help but bob your head to. It's probably the last "cool" song the Fresh Prince released. The Fresh Prince never was a "hard" rapper, and he became supremely uncool as the hard or "gangsta," a term I've always hated) rappers became the norm in the 90s.

But still, even those who call him corny love this song because they can relate to everything in the song regardless of how or where they grew up.

It's a classic.