Gone Too Soon

Yesterday, I logged on to Twitter as is my habit. One of the first tweets I read mentioned an Amy. I thought Amy who? Immediately, I looked at the trending topics. #amywinehouse was one of them. I looked back at my timeline and got a sinking feeling as someone tweeted how ridiculous it was for people to say they were tired of talking about Amy and wanted to go back to talking about the debt ceiling.

My heart sank further. I went to Yahoo and had my worst suspicions confirmed. She'd died. With sadness, I read her obituary and went back to Twitter. A few people commented that they weren't surprised and that it was inevitable.

While I understand why they said that (and I know they weren't trying to be mean), I'm glad I don't share their viewpoint. I was shocked when I found out.

I know Amy led a very hard life, but I always hold out hope that people can turn their lives around. It should never be too late.

Unfortunately for Amy, it was, but maybe not the next person. I never want to lose that faith in people and the human spirit.

Rest in peace, Amy. May those who need help find the strength to seek it out.