Here's what I want to do in 2014

© Nevit Dilmen [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

© Nevit Dilmen [CC-BY-SA-3.0 ( or GFDL (], via Wikimedia Commons

I looked for a post about my resolutions for 2013, but I couldn’t find one, which meant I had some sense last year, but oh well! I’m going to regress and write a goals post for 2014.

Reader Jamie

Even though I apparently I didn’t write it down anywhere, I know I had a goal of reading 75 books in 2013. That didn’t happen. I read 50. That’s okay because since I’ve been keeping track of the books I read, I’ve made the overarching goal to read more than I read the previous year. In 2011, I read 45 books, 2012 - 49 and 2013  - 50, so I’m up on the upswing.

I’d like to set the 75 book goal again, but that’s probably too high. I’m not a fast reader. I’m amazed when people say they can read a book in 2 hours. HOW?! Anyway, I digress. I’m going to set my goal at 60.

I’m also going to try to continue diversifying my reading. I’m a creature of habit and when that comes to reading that means contemporary romance. But I wasn’t always like this, so I know the interest is there. I just have to explore it more often. I’ve actually had this goal the past few years. For instance, in 2012, I read the first Harry Potter book. I read the second one last year and will read the third one in 2014. Lol. Baby  steps, man.

I also plan to read more romantic suspense and historical, both of which I love. I used to be a lot more paranormal-friendly than I am now, so I’m going to try test those paranormal waters again. I’m not sure how far I’ll get with that, but we’ll see.

If I’m feeling really frisky, I might even throw in a YA or new adult book in there. Watch out now!

Writer Jamie

Last year I set a goal of selling a book. And I DID IT! My book is scheduled to release this summer and I’m beyond ecstatic (and really, really nervous) about it.

HOWEVER – I also need to take this writing gig more seriously. I do take it seriously, don’t get me wrong, but I’m the world’s worst procrastinator. I am the Queen Bee at wasting time and there really are no challengers. Plus, I have an hour-long commute to work, which I hate Hate HATE, so by the time I get home from work, I want to lie on my couch and do nothing. That’s not possible if I want to publish books on a regular basis, so I need to be more committed to not heading for the couch (and social media) and staying there when I get home. (I also need to sell my condo and move closer to work, so I’m not exhausted and frazzled from fighting traffic when I get home).

As crazy as it sounds, my books aren’t going to write themselves. I want to start keeping track of what I do (or not do) on a regular basis. Hopefully, this will motivate me and retrain my brain.

In the immediate future, I have 3 books I want to finish by the end of February. That sounds kinda crazy, but I’ve started all of them. I just need to finish them.

Finally, as much as I want to get on a regular schedule, I also want to not beat myself up if I take a day off here and there. I need to limit the off days, but if I don’t write for a day, I just need to get back up on the horse the next day.

I also want to blog more. Nothing crazy, but I’m hoping for one per week. A lot of them will probably be about where I am with my writing, but I want to get back to the pop culture and sports stuff because I luvs it.

So, those are my goals for 2014.

Wish me luck that I can accomplish them!