Quick Hits - Week One

I’m going to test out a new blog format. Quick hits on stuff. I often feel like there are things I could blog about, but don’t have enough to say to fill a whole post or I’m too lazy to do it. So I’m going to (try to) post this weekly.

What I’m reading

I decided that since it’s Black History Month, I would only read books by black authors. Why not? I have so many books in my to-be-read pile that any structure I can give to the pile, I’ll take.

sweeter temptation cover.jpg

I just finished reading Phyllis Bourne’s Sweeter Temptation. Very sweet. Adore a hero who adores the heroine.

I’m now reading Michele Grant’s Pretty Boy Problems. I read a few pages last night before sleep claimed me. I can already tell Beau is going to take me on quite the ride.

What I’m watching (or listening to)

The Olympics. I work in events and we’ve had four events in five days, which has severely limited the time I’ve had to watch. I’m sad, but not devastated, which makes me even sadder because I am an Olympics junkie. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s the Winter Olympics and not the Summer or because of all the issues in Sochi – corruption, anti-gay laws, and unpreparedness – or all of the above.

What I’m thinking about

Last night Michael Sam, future NFL player, announced he was gay. I’m so happy that he feels free to be who he is. But every time I see his name I giggle a little bit because as a wise person (who I don’t remember) once said, “Never trust somebody with two first names.” I don’t know why that makes me laugh, but it does.

I am annoyed that people keep saying him being in the locker room will be such a big distraction because of all the media attention. Seriously? Yeah, the media will be there for the first week or two, but after that, how many stories can they write about it?  

They said the same thing about Manti Te’o and his imaginary girlfriend. Remember that? Yeah, barely. That story faded away because he was drafted, went to training camp and did what he does best – play football.

Michael Sam will do the same.

Speaking of Black History Month, when I was in elementary school, the area elementary schools had Quiz Bowl-type competitions about black history. Because I was the nerdiest of the nerds, I was selected to be on the team. They gave us packets to study  – politics, sports, entertainment, science, you name it. I memorized it all. Who was the first to do this, when it was done, who invented what, etc. I was the black history queen. I wish they had made all the students study that stuff. Sure some of it was covered in history class, but not all or even most of it. I wonder if they still do that contest. And if you’re wondering, yeah, my school won. I was on the team. Nerd girls always prosper.

What I’m writing

After struggling for so long, I finally feel like I have a grasp on Caitlin and Brady’s story. It took dumping a plot that I was never really sure about (hence the struggles). I’m still not one hundred percent sure about the new course I’m taking, but I like that it’s different from anything I’ve ever done. I just have to pull it off and make sure the story stays interesting for 55,000-60,000 words.