Day 5, Spanish Spree: Oh, the (mass of) Humanity

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This morning we headed to Zaragova first.

The cathedral there is huge.


I didn’t take any pictures inside because we weren’t supposed to. Others did, but I didn’t want God’s smite to fall on me, so I just walked around. It was beautiful though. It’s hard to imagine people building something so intricate and timeless today.

We only spent an hour in the town because we had to get to Barcelona!

It was a long bus trip – about 6 hours. When we arrived, we did a driving tour around the city.

I’m pretty sure this is Olympic Stadium. We couldn't get the bus closer because they had the road closed for of construction or something. 1992 was the year I started watching/obsessing about the Olympics, so Barcelona, the host of the 1992 Summer Olympics, has always held a special place in my heart. I wish we could have gotten closer/done a tour, but oh well.

We also visited a church, La Sagrada Familia, which Gaudi designed. Work on the church started in 1882 (Gaudi took over in 1883) and it’s STILL not finished. It was Gaudi’s masterpiece. The architecture and design is incredible. It’s scheduled to be finished in 2040. I think that’s an optimistic estimate.

Before heading out to the clubs, we had a group tapas dinner on top of the world (or a building overlooking the city).

I believe today was the day it hit me that Spaniards LOVE pork. Since I’m a ham and bacon fan, that’s A-OK with me! We had bacon/ham, white asparagus, Spanish omelet (which I became obsessed with during the trip), a gazpacho dip/soup thing, and a cheesecake gelatinous thing. It was good. Portions in Spain tend to be smaller than what Americans are used to, but we’ll deal.

After dinner, we went to a bar, Jagerbomb, owned by a friend of our tour guide. Good times were had by all. Lowlight: one of my tour mates had a wee bit too much to drink and projectile vomited on another tour mate. I’m STILL upset I missed it!

Me and a couple of my tour mates, Zai and Chrissy. Aren't they supercute?

Me and a couple of my tour mates, Zai and Chrissy. Aren't they supercute?

After all that excitement we went to another club, Shoko. It was insane! We got in without having to wait in line or pay because clearly we were VIPS or our tour guide knew the right person, but I know which explanation makes a better story.

We had so much fun, but there were a TON of people inside. We stayed for a few hours then went across the street to a restaurant and ate pizza to close out the night.

Photo of the Day:

A dancer/paid employee at Shoko. Isn't she cool?

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